Ever wonder where your money has gone, 2 days before payday? Do you find budgeting too time consuming even though you understand the importance of budgeting? Do you wish to be in a better financial situation and can plan for the future?

Who Stole My Money was created with ease of use in mind. We focus on helping people with their everyday money management through a powerful and intuitive user-friendly tool, and we back it up with the kind of customer service that we would dearly love to have ourselves.

We listen to our members' feedback, and make improvements and enhancements to our product constantly.  Below are just some of the many exciting features that make Who Stole My Money a budgeting tool enjoyed by thousands of Kiwis.

One Step Importing

No matter which bank you are with in NZ, one simple click is all it takes to have all your transactions imported and entered.

There's no need to specify the file format or the bank the transactions come from, our system has it all figured out automatically, without a hitch.

Simplifying the data entering process so you can spend more time working towards your goals instead of getting buried under numbers and data.  Entering all your transactions from all your bank accounts takes just a matter of seconds.



Auto - Categorisation

Forget about having to troll through your bank statements to figure out where your money is going. Once your transactions are imported, our patent-pending system will categorise your transactions automatically.

Unlike other programs, Who Stole My Money does not restrict you to work in the way we think you should, instead it learns from your categorisation preference and works to suit you.




Comprehensive Reporting

Reporting is important for understanding your money.  Who Stole My Money has many pre-built useful reports that tell you everything from how much you have left in each period, what is your spending patterns and trends, what areas you are spending the most in, to even helping you identify banking errors!




Practical and Dynamic Configuration

Almost all configuration in the system is dynamic, so you are free to configure the system to suit your needs, all with clicks of a button.

E.g. set up a spending budget so you can be warned before you blow it, and have a personalised welcome message to remind yourself what your goal is every time you do budgeting.




Member's Support

We pride ourselves in the responsiveness to our members. If you ever need help on anything, you can talk to us on the spot through Live Support or send us an email. We respond to all email inquires within 1 working day, in most cases, you will hear back from us within just a few hours.