Other Feedback
Who Stole My Money's budgeting tool is enjoyed by tens of thousands of individuals. Below are some of the feedback we've received from our members:

"Hats off to you all at who stole my money. My finances have been going pear-shape for years and within 10 minutes of categorizing my outgoing I have already spotted several areas that I have been 'leaking money'. I started a business 3 years ago and could only afford to pay my bills for 18 months by putting several thousand pounds on my credit cards. I had reached a point where I didn�t even open my bank or credit card statements... and was starting to feel very despondant. Suffice to say that I can already see ways of reducing my outgoings to repay my credit cards within a year!"

-  Paul, 2009


"Hello folks. Very impressed with the capabilities of your site."

-  Andrew, 2009


"I've just signed up for your free membership and have had a play around with your system and found it really easy, fast and straightforward to use. As a result, I'm now interested in signing up for Premium membership..."

-  Fiona, 2008


"WSMM came to my attention through a review of top websites on a television show.   A little investigation revealed the best feature for me is the ability to upload bank and credit card statements with a few simple mouse clicks, and have all transaction details entered for the week instantly ... such an amazing time saver ... so now I'm using my credit card for more daily business than ever before.    The forum is a great source of practical money-saving and budgeting ideas from folks experiencing contemporary financial life in NZ.   By no means least, a big plus is the friendly approach from WSMM staff, ready to listen and happy to answer any operational questions.    I'm really delighted to be playing a small part in furthering this very practical WSMM website."

-  Stan, 2008


"I really love your website and find it immensely helpful in order to budget properly from day to day... Thanks heaps."

-  Stephanie, 2008


"...I think your website looks great and will inspire us to look at our budgeting techniques in a more positive way."

-  Lorraine, 2008


"... By the way I love your product and wonder why more people don't know about it. Keep up the good work."

-  Emma, 2008


"Your website is one of the best I've seen - well done!"

-  Jenny, 2008


"I've overcome my skepticism - your package is great! I've joined on the $7.95/month option - how can I change to the $49.95/year option?"

-  Dalri, 2008


"Hi, I just signed up to have a look. You have a really nice site."

-  Sue, 2008


"I have been searching for an easy to use program for our household financials a little while now without much luck. Until today, I came across your site and it offers me almost everything I wanted. It took just a few minutes to get going and have a whole year of financials entered! This is brilliant, I can save so much time and without any data entry errors. Haven't managed to go through all the reporting tools but it I'm in love with what I see so far. I'm purchasing the Premium version right now!"

-  Aaron, 2008


"This is one of the best cash management tools I have used. Very simple to download csv and upload into account. Coding and category analysis is straight forward. Well done guys! "

-  Steve, 2008


"This is fab! We are getting sorted now! It is surprising to see how money falls through your fingers when you are not watching... but with you guys we check all the time to make sure we are on target. Thanks for your help."

-  Gerard, 2008


"Thanks a ton once again for your support and follow up. I call that real customer service. I will surely recommend more people to visit your website.."

-  Harpreet, 2007


"So easy to use and understand. Who Stole My Money is simply a brilliant program - Thank you."

-  Ruth, 2007


"I love this site, it is so helpful when trying to manage my (very limited) student budget."

-  Stan, 2007


"I think your interface is great, the idea is very good, I like the idea very much. This is much better than MS Money or Quicken."

-  Janetta, 2007


"I love this site.... mostly the name because that is how i feel, but i think it is easy to use and really has helpful, easy to understand feed back tools. Thanks."

-  Johnny, 2008

"I can very quickly use the program to track where all the money was going and chop down expenditure in any category. ... it lets me clearly see what is possible and what is not."
Rossane Dutta, Eat Right Be Bright
"(it) strikes me with how simple it is to use... I understood the concept and the workflow immediately .... (I) could see myself getting started with it right away."
David Kelly, Zeald.com
"We secretly trialled Who Stole My Money's budgeting tool, and were convinced that it is the best tool for this job."
"Their budgeting tool is one of the best online applications I've seen"
Alan A'Court, Fundit
"Who Stole My Money is easy to use and yet so practical and thorough. For a lot of people it completely removes many of the barriers to sensible budgeting."
Bruce Edmonds, Fortifi Ltd.