Workplace Package

Who Stole My Money Workplace Package is a unique package that combines the best of education and a proven practical money management tool, for the long-term financial betterment of the company and its staff.

With the Workplace Package, companies have the option to distribute specially tailored Who Stole My Money memberships and combine it with optional educational workshops for their staff.


Why should companies look into this package?

Fact: 20% of ALL employees suffer from personal financial stress to the extend of impacting their work productivity.
Fact: Money stressed employees on average spend 10% of work time attending to personal money matters
Fact: Money stress affects all economical groups.  The more we earn, we more debt we get into.

Accredited studies have proven that, employees' personal financial stress causes loss of productivity, increased sick leave, increased staff turnover and HR costs and ultimately impacts business' bottom line.  Ask yourself if the followings seem familiar:  staff spending time on the phone or internet sorting out overdue fines and loan repayments, talking to co-workers about rising interest rates and commodity prices, complaining about salary payments being delayed by just a day ... These distractions take them away from the work the company pay them for.


Financial stress affects everyone, regardless of industry or income group.   With the ever worsening economy, it is now more important than ever to realise the cost that employees' personal financial problems bring, and start helping your employees and improving your business.


Education is important, but what's more important is that your staff will be able to apply their learning in a safe and non-threatening environment. Who Stole My Money focuses on helping the average person to better understand and control their day-to-day spending and earnings. It is helping thousands of Kiwis.  Enquire today to find out how it too can help your staff and business at No Risk with Guaranteed Results.


Key Benefits:

Less stressed staff are happier, more productive and loyal
Significant cost saving through reducing staff downtime and staff turnover
Low implementation cost. No overhead cost, no integration cost
No Risk.  No IT integration, no company down time, guaranteed benefits
High Perceived Value. An initiative from a caring company and welcomed by staff.


How much does it cost?

Depending on individual requirements, this varies from company to company.  A pricing structure is available on application.  Enquire now.


Important notes:

Who Stole My Money believes in respecting the privacy of our members and will not release any information about a particular member to any parties (unless required by law). This is applicable even if a company is fully sponsoring their staff's membership.


Want to find out more?

Please contact us for additional information.