Our People

Grace Xue   Founder and CEO

Grace is the founder and driving force behind Who Stole My Money. Originally from China, Grace migrated to NZ when she was 19 and little support was available to her. Not going to give up her university dream, She put herself through University of Auckland studying Information Systems and Operations Management, and graduated with distinction and scholarships in 2002. Grace declined the invitation to honours study, eager to start her new life in the "real" world.

After starting her first job as a QA in a leading retail management software company, Grace realized how important it is to start budgeting for the present and the future. After trying countless other products, She resorted to writing her own system that focuses on ease of use and practicality. With this system, she spent a lot less time and gained a lot more useful information. "But then I thought, there must be other people who are suffering from the same problem! If I put the system online, then it will be able to help many others." After a few years of hard work and countless number of 20-hour working days, this personal budgeting program has finally evolved to be www.whostolemymoney.com. 

Grace is passionate about people. "I think when you respect people, you get the respect back. I feel so blessed to have a bunch of great people working with me. Without them, Who Stole My Money would not be half of what it is now". "We want to provide the kind of product that will really help an ordinary person, we want to play a part in changing people's lives".

Grace likes to think of herself as the proud mum to one and a half year old boy Edward, and spends the majority of her spare time with her son at playgroups and pet shops. Her hobbies include reading Sci-Fi books, watching movies (her favourite being romantic comedies), and loves to talk to Who Stole My Money members.




Steve Corbett   Advisory Board Member

Steve brings on board years of managing and advisory experience for companies of all sizes.  Being a former partner of a major accounting and consulting practice in NZ, Steve helps to uniquely enhance Who Stole My Money's financial management aspects as well as strategic planning and management.

He has been a director of a number of private companies and has significant experience across a range of disciplines including business advisory, taxation, project management and management consulting both in New Zealand and Australia.




Paul Hunt   Advisory Board Member

Paul brings on board over 35 years in the financial services industry, both in New Zealand and overseas. From 1991 until 2004 he was the Managing Director of Tower Insurance with responsibility for their activities in New Zealand , the Pacific Islands , Australia and UK . He is a Past President of The Insurance Council of NZ, former Chair of the NZ Ombudsman Board and was a member of the NZ Government Taskforce on Intermediary Regulation.

Paul sees a distinct benefit of Who Stole My Money in bettering the financial life of Kiwis, and is providing invaluable expert advice to the strategic planning and future direction of the company.




Shane Zhan   Technical Manager

Shane's vision is to finally put an end to the current norm for software and technology where, everyday users have to troll through thick manuals and then put up with hours of frustration to learn to use. "Technology will finally start serving people, to help in their lives and to do so in an effortless, and intuitive manner."

Shane is a top graduate of the University of Auckland and has spent the last 10 years in the IT industry as a senior consultant in New Zealand and abroad.  He has developed an unique approach in understanding and addressing the needs of his customers like Telecom, EDS, Datacom, Powerco and an array of overseas institutions such as The University of North Florida, The University of Chicago, MSU and New Orleans Public Library.

Shane's vast experience in identifying customers' needs and creating IT solutions to suit are invaluable assets to the success of Who Stole My Money.

Shane is a also a property investor, and a loyal Who Stole My Money member.