Increasing income

If you've cut your spending to the bone and stretched your money to the max, but you still find yourself coming up short at the end of the month; or maybe you'd just like to have a little more leftover so you can build up a nest-egg.


So what can you do to get extra income? Get creative! Do you have a hobby like crafting or activity that could make you some money? Do you have friends or neighbours willing to pay for something you can do, such as pet sitting or organising photo collections? Are there others in your home who can contribute to the household budget? Don't be shy to ask your 17-year-old boy to contribute a small amount if he's left school.


No matter what you do to get extra income, make sure you're aware of relevant laws and regulations (including tax laws) that may apply. Be wary of work-at-home advertisings that promise big bucks for minimal work and minimum skills. 99.99% of these "job offers" are scams, but if you think you are the lucky 0.01%, we recommend you do extensive research on the Internet, there might be someone else who has more information.


Next, taking the first step to a better financial future! No matter what systems you decide to use, budgeting is the key to get on top of your money.


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1. Use all available tax credits, like the Working Families Tax Credit.

2. Get a part-time or weekend job.

3. Rent out an extra room , or get a home stay. Check with your local school they usually have a list of homes they put new overseas students with.

4. Start a home-based business, such as babysitting, sewing, yard work, etc. This has extra tax advantages!  (if you are good with computers, try dropping some flyers and offer your service to people. There are many people who need help with setting up the internet.)

5. Sell property, cars, furniture, video games, or anything else you're not using. (This is a great way to get yourself out of debt and pay your credit cards or loans  off.)