Ross Dutta
Ross Dutta is the proud mum of a 4 yr old boy a 3 year old girl, and a loyal member of Who Stole My Money who's been with us since July 2007.

Like any parent, Ross wants to spend as much time as she can with her young kids, so she chose to be a stay-home mum. "It's so satisfying to be able to see your children growing up every day but in reality, this represents a real problem on our family finances." "My husband and I both had good jobs before we had the kids, so we really felt the pressure on our wallet when we are down to a single income."

"We used to do budgeting in Excel, but were never committed to it. I guess it's a good thing that we felt the financial pressure when we did, because it forced us to really get serious about it. Luckily, we came across Who Stole My Money which is so simple to use. We felt very comfortable with it and were able to start using the program right away. It was almost like the tool was guiding you into this budgeting process without you knowing it."

"After just a few months of using the program, we were starting to save $300/month without loosing what we have. I can very quickly use the program to track where all the money was going and chop down expenditure in any category. As far as spending and saving money goes, It lets me clearly see what is possible and what is not."

"Instead of spending a couple of hours each time with my old Excel system, I now spend about 10 minutes each month updating everything and I'm done. Who Stole My Money has made the whole process so much simpler."

"It gives me extra comfort knowing that whenever I need, I can get hold of the support staff almost instantly. They've implemented many suggestions I have made, and I feel I'm part of the team."

Ross worked hard on managing her finances. Ross has a passion for children and with the support of effective money management, she has now started the country's first children healthy lunch delivery program "Eat Bright Be Bright". She is also an active member of many local communities and non-profit organisations.

We wish Ross and her family the very best in her new venture!
"(it) strikes me with how simple it is to use... I understood the concept and the workflow immediately .... (I) could see myself getting started with it right away."
David Kelly,
"We secretly trialled Who Stole My Money's budgeting tool, and were convinced that it is the best tool for this job."
"Their budgeting tool is one of the best online applications I've seen"
Alan A'Court, Fundit
"Who Stole My Money is easy to use and yet so practical and thorough. For a lot of people it completely removes many of the barriers to sensible budgeting."
Bruce Edmonds, Fortifi Ltd.