David Kelly
David Kelly is the young chief executive of Zeald.com, one of the largest website design and e-business consultancy companies in New Zealand, and member of the Deloittes fastest growing companies for the last two consecutive years.

In such an intensely competitive industry, to say achieving this kind of success is not easy, is simply a serious under-statement. David has some ideas of how he did it.

"There are many factors that affect the results of a company, and I believe 'your people' is one of the most important factors. As a company, we have always tried our best to support our people and we are always concerned about what�s important to them."

"One of the most important aspects of life is finances. When a staff member is financially stressed, it certainly affects a lot of other areas, such as their health, their relationships and their enjoyment of their work. With most staff benefits programs however, this is almost never addressed."

"I personally have used one or another program to manage my personal finances for a long time now, to ensure that I know what�s going on with my money, and to help me stick to my budget."

"Who Stole My Money strikes me with how simple it is to use, compared to what I have been using. I understood the concept and the workflow immediately after the video demo and could see myself getting started with it right away."

"I love Who Stole My Money�s strong focus on innovation and customer support and the fact that it is New Zealand made. We are very glad to have offered Who Stole My Money�s budgeting program to all Zeald.com staff."

"I can very quickly use the program to track where all the money was going and chop down expenditure in any category. ... it lets me clearly see what is possible and what is not."
Rossane Dutta, Eat Right Be Bright
"We secretly trialled Who Stole My Money's budgeting tool, and were convinced that it is the best tool for this job."
"Their budgeting tool is one of the best online applications I've seen"
Alan A'Court, Fundit
"Who Stole My Money is easy to use and yet so practical and thorough. For a lot of people it completely removes many of the barriers to sensible budgeting."
Bruce Edmonds, Fortifi Ltd.