Bruce Edmonds
Bruce Edmonds is the director of FORTIfi Ltd. Established in 2000, FORTIfi have a vision to help ordinary New Zealanders free themselves of debt as quickly as possible and achieve their financial goals.

As part of the process of escaping debt, clients are offered full support which includes accurately identifying where they are spending money so they can setup a realistic and achievable spending plan.

Who Stole My Money is a valuable part of the client support package FORTIfi offers. "It not only makes our consultants' job a lot easier, but our clients can use the programme on a continuous basis to manage their money, and stick to the plan we have helped them to set up."

"The current financial environment means people need to get better control of their money. The problem is, many of us do not know where to start. Who Stole My Money is easy to use and yet so practical and thorough. For a lot of people it completely removes many of the barriers to sensible budgeting."

"We have recently put together a money management course which will be offered free to people in need. And yes, Who Stole My Money's budgeting tool will be an important part of it."
"I can very quickly use the program to track where all the money was going and chop down expenditure in any category. ... it lets me clearly see what is possible and what is not."
Rossane Dutta, Eat Right Be Bright
"(it) strikes me with how simple it is to use... I understood the concept and the workflow immediately .... (I) could see myself getting started with it right away."
David Kelly,
"We secretly trialled Who Stole My Money's budgeting tool, and were convinced that it is the best tool for this job."
"Their budgeting tool is one of the best online applications I've seen"
Alan A'Court, Fundit